What are Veneers?  Typically veneers are a ceramic covering that is placed on the buccal (front) aspect of a tooth or teeth to alter their shape and or “color”.  Veneers are typically seen as a method to obtain the “Hollywood Smile” as many times they allow you to change the perceived color or alignment of anterior (front) teeth quickly.

The application of veneers may require a “roughening” or re-shaping of the existing tooth to allow room for the new ceramic covering.  Many times veneers can be completed at the same appointment utilizing CEREC.  When veneering multiple teeth, or teeth with various angles and of various “colors”, a longer procedure may be indicated.  Here at Dogwood Dental we bring in a master ceramicist to fabricate what we refer to as a “Same Day Smile“.  With the application of veneers and crowns our team is able to transform you smile into the one you desire.

Veneers typical last 10-15 years, though since they only cover a portion of the tooth they may be more fragile and may be subject to chipping or fracture if para-functional habits (hard candy, bruxism, ice) are present.  In many instances the use of a crown may be indicated to protect a tooth from such forces and prolong its life.

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