hether you are replacing one tooth temporarily before restoration of an implant or you are replacing several teeth in an arch; today’s partials are more comfortable and esthetic.  Traditionally partials have been fabricated with wire or metal claps and were bulky and affected taste.  New techniques in partial fabrication have led to more esthetic, thinner, and more accommodating partials with increased retention and less wear to existing teeth.  

Our office almost exclusively utilizes flexible partials to restore missing teeth for permanent and temporary cases.

1.  They take fewer appointments, saving you time in the office.

2.  They don’t require the placement of grooves and notches in existing teeth to help with retention.

3.  They are easy to care for.  Requiring only a daily cleaning with dish soap and water.  Don’t require storage in water solution overnight.

4.  They are lightweight when compared to their metal counterparts.  Providing you with less distraction and less alteration in taste and speech.

Please call or visit us today and see if we can assist you if your search for a healthier, happier smile.